Promotion of Social Dialogue

Project goal and activity

Enhance public awareness of political reforms and extend access to objective information about activities and decisions of Ukrainian public and political figures.

UCIPR will continue to promote public debate on democracy in Ukraine. With the aim to facilitate the constitutional reform and relevant transformations, UCIPR will carry out a series of actions analyzing the state of democracy in the country, including trainings, meetings, surveys, focus groups, and discussions to launch a dialogue on the reform and national cohesion. UCIPR will also hold in-depth studies on Crimea, political parties, and parliamentary ethics.
UCIPR will continue to monitor and analyze issues that impact political stability in the country, focusing on Crimea’s status in terms of the constitutional reform, as well as ethical principles of parliamentarism and state service in order to develop recommendations for the Constitutional Commission.


1 May 2016 - 1 May 2017

Donor organization

NED (National Endowment for Democracy)

Project activities

Roundtable and press conferences

Press conference on «Crimean Tatar Autonomy: the Right to Self-Identification or the Path to Federalization?» (4 July 2016)
Press conference on «Genocide of Crimean Tatars: Historical Parallels» (16 May 2016)
Press conference on «Elections to the Russian State Duma: a Challenge to Crimea’s Annexation?» (19 September 2016)

Press conference on «Ukraine’s Political Turbulence» (21 February 2017)
Participation in the development of Action Plan of Ukraine’s Policy towards Crimea (March 2017)


«School of Dialogue and Communication» (November 2016)


«The Ban on the Mejlis – «Russia’s Extremist Jokers»
«The Crimean Annexation: Memories and Testimonies». Telethon

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